chateau richard, chateaurichard, Château Richard: vignoble en agriculture biologique, producteur de vins de saussignac et de bergerac, vente à la propriété et gîte rural. Organic vineyard, producing Saussignac and Bergerac wines, on property sails and gite; dordogne, périgord.

Organic farming = Life
We live and work in the amonst our vines and are happy to breathe,
 clean air, eat our grapes  and pick wild mache and leeks that grow in                                    abundance without fear.
A harmonieus ballance between our vines  the other plants and  animals insectes,   birds  rodents hares and of course humans

We prefer to invest in manpower:   
than in machines   
or in chemical multinationals   
weed control by ploughing.   

A real expression of Terroir  from the living natural fertilty of our soils  

 Traditional local grape varietes
No weed killers no fertilizers no pesticide,
    Certifid by ECOCERT,

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