chateau richard, chateaurichard, Château Richard: le vignoble.

 Early Tertiary rocks of the rupelian period ; alternating layers of hard white lacustrine limestone with layers of marine clays,marls and some friable beach limestones.
  The vines are on a gently sloping plateau with some steeper slopes.Mainly shallow limey soils some deeper clayey soils and a few superficial silty-clay soils .

 Average age in 2009 39 years old; the oldest were planted in 1932
  Our soils are ploughed; no chemical or outside fertilisers are used, so the fertility and character of the grapes comes from the vines and the living soils

White : . Sauvignon
. Muscadelle
. Sémillon
1.15 ha
0.83 ha
4.50 ha
6.48 ha

Red : . Merlot
. Cabernet franc
. Cabernet
4.06 ha
1.78 ha
0.12 ha

5.96 ha

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